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Startup Traction—Chat App or the Social Payment App

People like to blame smart phones for making us less social. We play chess and poker with a computer that fits in our pocket instead of with friends, and we type addresses into a browser and then let our phones guide us to our destination instead of asking friendly locals for direction. The technophobe might make it about five seconds into his anti-smart phone screed before a phone in the pocket of someone in the room buzzes or pings with a (more…)


Branded Enterprise Chat App

It is truly amazing to sit back and behold how far the world of instant messaging has come. We have seen the birth of large scale messaging from the various chat rooms that were popular in the mid to late 90s all the way to the use of instant messaging for customer service usage. With the former, it was all about fun and games. With the latter, it is to provide an alternative for (more…)


Brief history and Future of Chat App

When landlines started to become more obsolete and individuals started to use more advanced technology like mobile devices and tablets as well as more advanced computer technology, landlines became less popular to use. One reason why they became obsolete is because you could not chat or text via landline. Messaging and chatting has been around for much longer than you may have thought. Throughout history it has adapted as technology has advanced. There are various types of messaging depending on the device and technology being used. Text messaging may have once been the most common type of messaging. (more…)


How Chat Apps Can Be Used as Ecommerce – Mcommerce

Chat apps have become some of the most popular smart phone applications in recent years. WhatsApp and other apps like it make it possible to send images, audio messages, and video contact and to share locations, even internationally, with the same ease previously reserved only for text messages. People already use WhatsApp clone scripts and similar chat apps to forward messages to large numbers (more…)


Whatsapp Wishlist

After Facebook, Whatsapp is the most popular social media app, which is being widely used by the people. In fact, its popularity is skyrocketing, and its member base is growing steadily, each day. Each and every smart phone user makes use of whatsapp for interacting with other people. So, it is quite hard to believe that there could be any kind of issues on this app. The basic features of chat, social network, (more…)


How Corporate can leverage chat app like whatsapp?

Phenomenal success of whatsapp chat app has changed lot of things around the way user communicate in personal life as well as on work. Lot of employees in Fortune 500 companies communicates over whatsapp. This communication can range from simple text messages, images or videos. At the same time some companies are forming group of customers and has formed new channel of communication which is fast, direct and precise. The question is why these companies are replying on whatsapp even though they can have their own chat app.



Android Demo – Whatsapp clone script

Here is the demo link for Android version of base chat – The only whatsapp clone script with solid chat engine and available in both Android and iphone versions.


How corporate should approach chat app like whatsapp

Rise of whatsapp and its tremendous usage has made lot of things changed forever like  the way we communicate. Individuals are using whatsapp to connect with their family, friends and colleagues. Because whatsapp uses the mobile number as its primary handle for connecting with another user, the user is at risk of Read more


Why Whatsapp clone script?

Whatsapp clone script can prove very useful tool for accelerating your chat app or social network idea. Whatsapp is built on solid chat engine just like proven web tools skype and google talk. It uses specialized chat Read more


Ideas for whatsapp competitor

Whatsapp is so popular and used by millions and its user base is growing stronger and stronger day by day. It is hard to believe that whatsapp has any shortcomings or issues. It has basic chat features and social network features and easy to use interface that people likes, yet it lacks Read more