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How Corporate can leverage chat app like whatsapp?

Phenomenal success of whatsapp chat app has changed lot of things around the way user communicate in personal life as well as on work. Lot of employees in Fortune 500 companies communicates over whatsapp. This communication can range from simple text messages, images or videos. At the same time some companies are forming group of customers and has formed new channel of communication which is fast, direct and precise. The question is why these companies are replying on whatsapp even though they can have their own chat app.



Android Demo – Whatsapp clone script

Here is the demo link for Android version of base chat – The only whatsapp clone script with solid chat engine and available in both Android and iphone versions.


How does chat app works?

One of the main reasons we all use our smart phones today is to communicate. And not just communicate but get involved within our text applications. There are so many chat applications that it would be hard to list them all but it is not that overwhelming to understand the basics of how they work. Read more


How corporate should approach chat app like whatsapp

Rise of whatsapp and its tremendous usage has made lot of things changed forever like  the way we communicate. Individuals are using whatsapp to connect with their family, friends and colleagues. Because whatsapp uses the mobile number as its primary handle for connecting with another user, the user is at risk of Read more


Why Whatsapp clone script?

Whatsapp clone script can prove very useful tool for accelerating your chat app or social network idea. Whatsapp is built on solid chat engine just like proven web tools skype and google talk. It uses specialized chat Read more


Ideas for whatsapp competitor

Whatsapp is so popular and used by millions and its user base is growing stronger and stronger day by day. It is hard to believe that whatsapp has any shortcomings or issues. It has basic chat features and social network features and easy to use interface that people likes, yet it lacks Read more


What to build with whatsapp clone script?

Whatsapp like app development may be not that tough with basechat – Whatsapp clone script. Here are the whatsapp clone script applications:

Whatsapp competitor:

Compete with whatsapp messenger? You must be kidding right? No we are serious. Whatsapp have lots of loopholes and there is clear room for improvement. The sooner you get with those ticks you can have your own market share. Refer to Whatsapp competitor article here on this blog and you will know that you can really pose threat to whatsapp. Read more


Whatsapp Clone Script – really worth it?

It is no secret why facebook chased whatsapp and defeated google in the race of acquisition for deal worth $19 billion. Whatsapp is such powerfull app that Facebook had to run for life!! It was question of survival in long run for most popular social network of web which was clearly lacking smartphone userbase. So what’s so special about whatsapp and why can’t someone else build whatsapp like app? . Going for whatsapp like app building from scratch can take really long time. So whatsapp clone script is definitely a way to go forward.

There are few candidates for what’s app clone script. Some of them is offering iphone and android version for as low Read more


Whatsapp Clone Script – Countdown begins..


Basechat is whatsapp clone and offers all the classic features of whatsapp.

With basechat you can have your own social chat app or it may be starting point for your next billion dollar Read more