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Client App Showcase: Mygleef

MYGLEEF is the social network open to all, using a universal language that can be assimilated instantly.
Young children can safely communicate with their families or friends and share photos after the validation of their parents
MYGLEEF : no longer write, no longer read, just GLEEF



When social networks came on board, it was seen as the best invention for communication of the century, this is due to the opportunity it afforded people to locate and contact people they know as well as meet new people. It has served a lot of purposes that has drawn a lot of users to it including social, political and economic benefits, in fact, when it newly emerged, not belonging to any social network was seen as a taboo.

This article focuses on the effect of chat app on social network sites and tries to look into solution for social network sites such as Jomsocial and Buddypress specifically through leveraging, migration and integration with chat app

This new challenging development is a wake up call for social network especially Jomsocial and Buddypress site owners to reinvent themselves into the much needed chat app just as Facebook has done when it discovered a threat to its popularity by making huge strides in the chatting space with the acquisition of Whatsapp and including Messanger in the Facebook app. This way, Facebook has shown that rather than being challenged by the threat of chat app, social networks should see the platform as leverage. Social networks such as Jomsocial and Buddypress can leverage on the benefits of chat app in so many ways.

Already, Quartz, a news site has shown a strategic way of leveraging chat app by experimenting with a standalone app. So at the core of quartz app its not the news but the chat app. It allows user to do chat on news article and engage users.

Basechat – Whatsapp clone script can help you integrate chat app with your existing social network powered by jomsocial or buddypress.



Communication is key to human existence. It is important for economic, social and political development. Communication happens mainly two ways: physical communication and nonphysical communication. Because of the human tendency to constantly engage in several activities especially for economic gain, physical communication has become less frequent. Hence the rice of inventions such as social networks and chat apps to fill the void of physical communication.

Chat apps are one of the fastest means of communication, nowadays, chat apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Basechat – Whatsapp clone script have taken communication to another level. Because of the various chat apps available, there is a vast competition among these app providers to ensure that one gets more users than the other through new features and invention that are constantly added to the apps.
Snapchat for instance has recently introduced Spectacles, a new eyeglass camera which has heightened its stake in the chat app market, WhatsApp’s is also one of the most frequently used social or messaging app it has added new features such as Status which allows users to upload videos and pictures that will be visible for 24 hours and will allow users to see how many viewed their status just like the Snapchat inspired Stories. This highly competitive market has made it difficult for new chat apps to gain ground.

With the rise of chat apps and engaging features, the constant question that people keep asking is that is there any new opportunity for new players in the chat app market? The answer is big yes. Remember the social networks powered by Jomsocial or Buddypress and Forums powered by Vbulletin forum and SMF. Just like whatsapp was an alternate of Facebook for mobile these older world technologies with niche topic offers good opportunity to challenge established chat app players.

Vbulletin Forum organizes Topics and post of forum where users can engage in discussion about it. If we treat Topic as group chats, users becomes more engaged which makes them use the chat app more frequently. Today where chat apps have become more frequently used than the traditional social networks. Truth is that every niche successful social network has a greater opportunity of being reinvented as a niche chat app. For example, there are lot of social networks powered by Joomla + Jomsocial and WordPress + Buddypress. Both work hand in hand and provide whatever users need whether it is a social network a free open source for building website.

A lot of social networks have started reinventing their company with chat apps. Since social network were originally designed to broadcast message, reinventing them with chat app will enable users of the network to engage in much wanted private conversation that they prefer using chat apps for. For social networks to be reinvented with chat app, several factors should be considered especially inventing a unique way to add chat apps in natural and exciting way. This calls for creativity and in-depth knowledge of chat features and user behavior on social platform.

Basechat offers most efficient and economical way to convert your existing social network to thriving chat app.


Chat Platform is here for the Kids

MYGLEEF is the social network open to all, using a universal language that can be assimilated instantly. Young children can safely communicate with their families or friends and share photos after the validation of their parents.

Mygleef uses Basechat as core platform.


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